Oleo-Pneumatic Springs

Oleo-Pneumatic Springs

Oleo-Pneumatic Springs

Oleo-pneumatic springs for a wide range of forces, up to 2,000 kg, by varying the gas pressure of the accumulator.

Suitable for vehicles with a fully loaded/empty ratio equal or higher than 2.5

Advantages of Hidracar Oleo-Pneumatic Springs

Compared to conventional coil springs:
– They require less space to be installed.
– No need for a spring-compressing device to provide the initial force.
– If you don’t know initially the exact force that must be applied, it is not necessary to change the spring for a stronger one later on; you just increase the gas pre-charge of the accumulator.

Compared to springs that operate only with gas:
– Shorter and heavier-duty.
– There is no way the gas can leak through the rod seals, as those are always lubricated in HIDRACARoleo-pneumatic – – springs and the gas is contained inside the bladder of the accumulator.
– No rebound effect is produced, unlike with gas-only cylinders and coil springs.



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