Oleo-Pneumatic Suspension Cylinders with…

Oleo-Pneumatic Suspension Cylinders with Integrated Accumulator

Oleo-Pneumatic Suspension Cylinders with Integrated Accumulator

HIDRACAR oleo-pneumatic suspension cylinders are the ideal oleo-pneumatic suspension system for application in truck and tractor towed load trailers, tanker trailers for the transport of liquids and slurries and fumigation tank trailers. They are suitable for weights from 0.5 Tm to 30 Tm.

Easier and quicker installation in the vehicle compared to leaf spring suspensions, with no connection to the hydraulic circuit of the tractor needed (the accumulator nitrogen charge is determined by a simple calculation made by HIDRACAR, S.A.).

Description & Performance

Reduced suspension full stroke between an empty vehicle and a fully loaded one. This smoother suspension reduces considerably the forces of inertia and, consequently, the whole chassis of the vehicle, as well as all kind of welded unions, are freed of overstresses (which are the origin of premature breakage).

The suspension remains smooth no matter how loaded the vehicle is, unlike with leaf spring suspensions, which are calculated for the maximum load and, therefore, produce no suspension when empty (which is precisely when the vehicle runs faster and needs it the most).

Suspension cylinders suitable for vehicles with a fully loaded /empty ratio equal or higher than 2.5.

Eliminates the continuous rebound effect produced by leaf springs or coil shock absorbers, for a much more comfortable driving.

Compared to the solution provided by a hydraulic cylinder connected through a flexible hose to an oleo-pneumatic accumulator, HIDRACAR oleo-pneumatic suspension cylinders takes far less time to install and saves the cost of all the extra accessories and work needed (collar to fasten the accumulator to the chassis, flexible hose, joint nuts, filling the circuit with oil and air purging, etc…)



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