We’re experts in centrifugal pumps. You can find a variety of pumps on our website, including those for water treatment. We offer practical and efficient pumping solutions for different industries. With a commitment to high-quality products and excellent customer service, we’re the best choice for your centrifugal pump needs.

  • Milton Roy

    Milton Roy

    Ecochem Pumps is a pump engineering company that specializes in dosing and mixing fields and project consultation. Their range of Milton Roy metering pumps are designed to deliver precise and reliable performance for various industrial applications.
  • Control Matik

    Control Matik

    Ecochem Pumps is a leading supplier of dosing equipment pumps and control Matik water treatment solutions. Their turnkey solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of the petrochemical, chemical transfer, and bulk storage facilities.
  • Haskel & Butech

    Haskel & Butech

    Ecochem Pumps offers a wide range of precision pumps and turnkey projects including Haskel Butech air pressure amplifiers and pneumatic-driven gas boosters. Their team of mechanical operating and maintenance specialists provide in-house engineering and project consultation services.
  • Hidracar SA

    Hidracar SA

    Ecochem Pumps is a supplier of Hidracar SA pulsation dampeners that are designed to reduce the pulsation and vibration of centrifugal pumps, ensuring smooth and consistent flow rates. Their turnkey project solutions include dosing and disinfection equipment for a range of industrial applications.
  • Des-Case


    Ecochem Pumps offers Des-Case visual oil analysis solutions that provide valuable insights into the health of industrial equipment. Their range of products includes streaming current detectors, CDF automated mixing systems, and chlorine plant audits.
  • Someflu


    Someflu centrifugal pumps are a key product line for Ecochem Pumps. These high-quality pumps are ideal for use in chemical plants and bulk storage facilities, and are available in a range of materials to suit different applications.
  • Prochem


    Prochem valves and dosing system products are available from Ecochem Pumps. Our in-house engineering team can provide turnkey project solutions, including project consultation, supply of dosing equipment pumps and valves, and mechanical operating and maintenance services.