Horizontal plastic process pump

Horizontal plastic process pump

Horizontal plastic vortex pump

The Normalized Plastic pumps are part of the horizontal plastic process pump range. This pumps are made of plastic such as PP, PE, SOMEDUR®, UHMW-PE, PVDF, PFA, PEEK. They are designed for hazardous industries to use in a continuous services. Entirely “customizable ” to fit your requirements and specifications, all plastic parts are machined from a massive block of plastic. We offered also a vortex version with the “HV” to handle particules and solids in a chemical fluids. This range is used to handle corrosive and abrasive fluids such as acids, alkalis or chemically contaminated fluids.

Description & Specifications

The HV range is designed with a tangential discharge and a recessed impeller used to created a vortex effect to transfer heavy charged fluids and solids.
– Flow rate up to 190 m³/h
– Total differential head up to 35 mcl.

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