“T” Adapters With Pressure…

“T” Adapters With Pressure Gauge

“T” Adapters With Pressure Gauge

“T” adapters with pressure gauge for the monitoring of the pressure of our apparatus.

“T” adapters made of stainless steel, with stainless steel pressure gauge casing; or made in PVC with either stainless steel or plastic pressure gauge casing.

Description & Performance

The design pressure is 600 bar for the stainless steel adapters and 10 bar (though they could possibly withstand up to 20 bar) for the PVC ones.

Pressure gauges available for pressures (#) of: 6, 10, 16, 25, 40, 60, 100, 160, 250, 300, 400 and 600 bars (6, 10 and 16 bars for plastic adapters).

Brass pressure gauge connection. Also available in stainless steel on request.

Available with stainless steel 1/4” BSP valve. In case the dampener needs to be charged with compressed air using a tyre inflating kit, we recommend using our gas charging valve thread adaptor.

Supplied with a standard 63 mm diameter dial gauge, but also available with 100 mm diameter dial gauge on request.

The HIDRACAR corresponding adapter identification code varies depending on the type and materials as follows:

– BT#A-AI: Stainless steel body and gauge casing, with standard 1/4” BSP valve.
– BT#A-PC/AI: PVC body and and stainless steel gauge casing, with standard 1/4” BSP valve.
– BT#A-PC/PL: PVC body and and plastic gauge casing, with standard 1/4” BSP valve.
– BT#A-AI/E: “T” adapter with inductive contact switch pressure gauge, with standard 1/4” BSP valve.


These are special “T” adapters with pressure gauge in which the pressure gauge sends a warning electric signal in case there is any pressure deviation from the normal working value, indicating the separator element of the pulsation dampener must have suffered some kind of damage or gas leakage.

Pressure gauge casing and “T” adapter made of stainless steel.

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