In-Line Pulsation Damper

In-Line Pulsation Damper

In-Line Pulsation Damper

HIDRACAR has different in-line pulsation dampers designs according to the needs of the industry where it will be mounted.

Description & Performance

In-Line Pulsation Damper For Waste Water Treatment For Alimentary And Pharmeceutical Applications

HIDRACAR has designed the “L” series especially for food, beverages and pharmaceutical applications. With the new design we complete our range of pulsation dampers for the pharmaceutical and food industry.

The main features of the new in-line shock absorber are:

There is no limitation on the nitrogen gas charging pressure. The charging pressure inside the bladder of the pulsation damper must be 80% of the working pressure of the pump.
Equipped with FDA rubber tube (EPDM or silicone). The rubber tubes are certified for food or pharmaceutical use.
Food or pharmaceutical connections available. We adapt the connections to the needs of the circuit including those required for the processes of the pharmaceutical or food industry.
Designed without corners for effective cleaning. Thanks to its special design, the pumped product cannot be retained. Specially designed for CIP (clean in place) processes.
No water hammer effect thanks to the internal passage section that is identical to the connection section. The inflation pressure prior to the start-up of the pulsation damper does not reduce the passage section. The tube or (*) double rubber tube expands diametrically during its normal operation instead of being compressed by the direct effect of the gas charging pressure. That is why there is no decrease in the fluid passage section inside the tube or (*) double tube. Under delivery conditions, all internal occluded liquid is in the chamber formed between the tube or (*) double rubber tube and the lower cylinder. The bladder of the top pulsation damper is stretched with the button resting on the lower part and therefore the gas pressure is not transmitted to the intermediate occluded liquid.

The main advantages of the new in-line shock absorber are:

It can be cleaned without disassembly by pumping a cleaning agent (suitable for CIP processes). As there are no corners, cleaning is completely effective.
Higher dampening capacity (more volume absorbed) than existing in-line solutions. The variation in volume produced by the deformation of the tube or (*) double tube is about 900 cc, it makes possible to install a top damper of even 15 liters of Vo.
(*) Optional. Breakage Indicator. In case of rupture of one of the 2 tubes, the pulsation damper will continue dampening with the other tube. Then the breakage indicator will send a signal for tube replacement and in the meantime the shock absorber will continue its function.
HIDRACAR has designed the in-line bladder damper specially designed for its use in suction and waste water treatment.

In the dampening tests performed on this damper, it was obtained an 80% reduction in high frequency pulsation. Thanks to its in-line design, the dampening efficiency is improved for those applications with high frecuency.

The main features of the online pulsation damper are:

The pulsation damper, as can be seen in the scheme below, has a big hole passage, which is adjusted to the diameter of the pipe providing a better dampening.
The passage section gets increased in the middle of the damper. Thanks to that, the speed of the liquid is reduced and its pressure increased, so it will facilitate the entrance of the liquid inside the pulsation damper chamber.
The rubber bladder is not subject to strong friction, that’s why is HIDRACAR recommends its use in sludge treatment.

The main advantages of this IN-LINE pulsation damper are:

In case of rupture of the bladder, it can be replaced without disconnecting the damper from the circuit.
The ratio between the diameter of the inlet and outlet section (D) and the passage hole to the accumulator (d) is very low (D / d = 1.5 to 1). A big passage hole is provided with special design for the bladder insert buton.


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