Side-Entry Mixer

Side-Entry Mixer

Mixing technology for all your crude oil & derivatives storage tanks

Compact. Powerful. Consistent Results

Typically, large storage tanks require the constant mixing of contents, but roof-mounted agitators cannot support the heavy load. In response, Milton Roy Mixing has developed a specific range of side-entry mixers for large-volume storage tanks.

Our side-entry mixer is mounted quickly and easily to the tank flange and delivers the most effective blending results in an extremely efficient unit. Our innovative small diameter SABRE® impeller allows for reduced energy consumption and easy installation. In addition, we can ensure proper agitation using numerical simulation of fluid flows (CFD). This helps to forecast and predict the storage tanks mixing with no dead zone, and lower energy consumption compared to conventional solutions. We can also provide an adjustable agitator to increase the scope enclosure.


The side-entry mixer concept is driven by four top priorities: safety, reliability, process optimization and easy, cost-effective maintenance.

Large mixing volumes. The mixer is designed for tanks up to 200,000 m³ (1.3 MM barrels). The high liquid jet amplitude propelled by our impeller allows the moving of large volumes using less power.

Easy installation and maintenance. This compact, side-entry mixer has been designed specifically to mount on the lateral flange of the tank and with lightweight, custom impellers, it can installed quickly and easily. Its exclusive seal shut off device allows for safe, fast and easy maintenance or replacement of the mechanical seal without emptying the tank.

Low power consumption. Our innovative, proven SABRE impeller uses less energy to effectively mix the tank contents.

Models & Specifications

– Fixed or variable angle
– Belt or Gear driven
– 316L Ball for variable angle configuration
– High efficiency 4 blade Sabre® impeller
– Tank shut off device
– Carbon steel construction, single mechanical seal
– Operating capacity: from 100 m3 to 200,000 m3 (1.3 MM barrels)
– Rated power: from 7.5 to 55 kW (10 to 75 HP)
– Rotation speed: from 200 to 1,500 rpm
– Operating temperature: from 0° to 250° C (40° to 482° F)
– TEFC, EX Proof, IEEE 814 available


Oil & Gas
When crude oil is produced, it’s accompanied by sand, salt and other unwanted debris.

Until the crude is delivered to the refinery, bottom sludge & water (BS&W) can settle on the bottom of a tank. Milton Roy Mixing’s Side Entry Mixer keeps BS&W in suspension by generating the right fluid velocity distribution to provide the highest and most efficient performance.

Other industries

– Water Treatment
– General Blending
– Food and Beverage



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