Poweroyal® Positive-Displacement Reciprocating Pump

Poweroyal® Positive-Displacement Reciprocating Pump

Optimal leak-proof performance for high-volume chemical injection
Designed for your most critical industrial processing needs, the Megaroyal process pump provides reliable, leak-proof performance with a modular design in a minimal footprint.

The Megaroyal process pump is ideal for high volume applications and can provide a flow rate of up to 60 m³/h (15,850 gph). In addition, the Megaroyal pump’s footprint is up to 25% smaller when compared to similar competitor options.

You get the reliability you have come to expect with Milton Roy pumps, but we’ve added unique features that make it cost effective, easy to install and maintain, and powerful enough to meet all of your chemical dosing needs.


Powered to constantly move liquid within a fixed volume, this API674-compliant pump can handle acids, bases, corrosives, viscous liquids and abrasive fluids.

– Designed for maximum performance in minimal space
– Specially designed liquid ends reduces friction and stress
– Self-tightening seal minimizes unwanted leaking
– Constructed of the highest quality of materials to minimize wear and tear
– The pump’s optimal efficiency means it consumes less electrical power
– Increased life through advanced technology and design


Performance by the numbers

– Maximum discharge rate of standard design: 32,757 gph (124,000 l/h)
– Maximum discharge pressure of standard design: 10,152 psi (700 bar)
– Maximum motor power: 315 kW
– Operating temperature: 22°F to 302°F (-30°C to 150°C)


The Poweroyal pumps is ideal in challenging environments such as:

Oil and Gas. Glycol injection, amine sweeting, methanol injection, CO2 injection, oil transporting, water or polacrylamid (PAM) injection, and hot-water injection.

Hydrocarbon processing industries (HPIs) and chemical processing industries (CPIs). Flush and desalting waters in refineries, condensate handling, and carbamate and ammonia fertilizers.



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