Full Vacuum automatic Chlorinator…

Full Vacuum automatic Chlorinator M 3610 C

4 –20 mA proportional control input
Modbus communication
5-POINT Valve calibration
Manual or Automatic control
High quality stepper motor


Chlorination Systems are designed for dosing gas chlorine and with minor alterations also for other gases, working on the indirect vacuum principle or pressure principle

General Info

Automatic chlorinator series M 3610 C is a heavy duty feed unit intended for accurate manual or automatic feed of chlorine gas. It is designed to be controlled from controller (automatic control) or in case of need it can simply be switched to manual control.
The unit M 3610 C consist of:
– Motor rate valve series M 3531 C
– ERB gas flow meter of corresponding capacity with manual rate valve
– Vacuum switch (high/low)
– Vacuum gauge
– Wall mounting board with piping
– DP regulator
Electromotive rate valve Series M 3531 C is made of compact plastic, resistant to high concentration of chlorine, precision rate valve and quality driving motor. Gas flowmeter is also made of compact plastic and glass, resistant to high concentration of chlorine and precision manual rate valve. All seals are made of materials resistant to aggressive gases (FKM, PTFE, PVDF). Differential pressure regulator is available in case of long vacuum lines or fluctuating vacuum.

One must have in mind that M 3610 C is vacuum device. So gases are not pushed, but sucked through. Gas enters in inlet and goes through the gas flow meter. Next, through the needle of rate valve, desired quantity is provided. Then, gas enters the DP REGLATOR, where vacuum fluctuations are reduced. Last element is check valve that disables backflow.
Automatic chlorinator is connected to AQUACON M 5500 C or AQUAProcessor series M 5700 C which opens or closes the motor valve on chlorinator according to the signal received from water flow meter and/or residual chlorine analyser. In case of controller malfunction the feed rate can easily be set manually on the motor valve. In case of motor valve failure, manual feed can be adjusted by rate valve on the gas flow meter.
Motor valve can then easily be dismounted from chlorinator. When repaired, it can easily be assembled back and set into operation.

Technical Data

Power supply: 24 V + 20 / -30%
Valve power supply: 24 VDC nominal, 20 – 30 VDC
Consumption: 30 mA
Limitation of current at the output Q1 and Q2: 220m
Area: MIN -100000 Pa (-100 kPa, -1 bar)
MAX 0 Pa
Accuracy: 1%
Operating mode: active HIGH, active LOW
Reference: area
Hysteresis: 1% .. 10% of the area

Digital optput Q:
Operating mode:
-When the alarm activated 24 VDC, otherwise off
-When 0 VDC alarm turns on, otherwise off
-When the alarm activated 24 VDC, otherwise activated 0 VDC

Mechanical data:
Protection: IP 67
Accessories: PVC-U 16 (PN16)

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