Decentralised Automation

Decentralised Automation

– Modular construction
– Touch screen
– Easy installation and service
– Digital protocols CAN, MODbus,PROFIbus, ETHERNET…
– WEB servers, SCADA control systems

General Info

Programmable controllers are used in automation of processes in drinking and swimmingpool waters, and in industry for processes of chemical water treatment, management and control of filter systems, management of small and large pumping stations and pool complexes, for connecting facilities to each other (GSM, GPRS, FM) and for the data transfer control systems (SCADA, web servers).
When designing automation processes programmable controllers are indispensable due to modular construction (INPUT—OUTPUT Units), ease of integration into digital networks, and support for digital communication protocols (CAN, Modbus, Ethernet, …).
All these benefits are also taken into account in the development of our measurement and control devices and actuators, which also support CAN and digital Modbus protocol. This means easier and especially faster integration of the metering and control equipment to controllers and control systems.
We maintain already implemented projects, and offer professional assistance to the users of our equipment in its integration into automation processes.

– Greater reliability and reproducibility
– Better monitoring, management and process control
– Easy diagnostics and error fixing
– Alarm control and ispection
– Keeping records of events
– Lower power consumption
– Easy maintenance

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