Why you should choose Someflu centrifugal pumps

Someflu specialises in designing and manufacturing anti-corrosive centrifugal pumps made of synthetic material or stainless steel in horizontal and vertical configurations. Someflu centrifugal pumps provide outputs that range from 1 to 1.500 m3/h at speeds ranging from 1 450 to 2 900 rpm and elevation heights ranging from 5 to 130 metres.

Someflu centrifugal pumps are intended for pumping corrosive chemicals that are clear, lightly loaded, or heavily loaded. In addition, these pumps are custom-made to meet the specific requirements of the pumped fluid (concentration, temperature, or viscosity) and the installation’s characteristics. As a result, Someflu centrifugal pumps are some of the most versatile pumps available on the market today. They are designed to move fluids through a piping system by creating a low-pressure zone that pulls the fluid in and then expelling it through the outlet at high pressure. Furthermore, they are widely used in various industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, oil and gas, and wastewater treatment.

Someflu centrifugal pumps are popular because they are efficient, reliable, and easy to use. These pumps have a simple design that allows them to handle a wide range of fluids, from clean water to viscous liquids with high solid content. Furthermore, Someflu centrifugal pumps are known for their low maintenance requirements. Unlike other types of pumps, they have no moving parts that come in contact with the fluid, reducing the risk of wear and tear.

Their simple design allows for easy disassembly and cleaning, making them ideal for applications that require frequent cleaning.

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