Starters for Diesel Engines

Starters for Diesel Engines

Starters for Diesel Engines

START-HIDRO is a piece of equipment for the quick and easy starting of Diesel engines without the need of electric batteries or compressors and interchangeable with the electric starters. It is made in a heavy-duty construction for 100% reliability.

Description & Performance

Its working principle is based on the energy stored in a dry nitrogen pre-charged oleo-pneumatic accumulator.

It doesn’t produce sparks, so it is explosion safe, and is suitable for engines from 50 HP to 1,000 HP.

A complete system consists of a hand pump, a piston accumulator attached to an oil tank, a valve, a pressure gauge, two connection pipes and the oleo-hydraulic starter motor fitted with a hydraulic cylinder for moving the engaging Bendix pinion forward and back.


Layout Starters for Diesel Engines

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Layout Starters for Diesel Engines

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