Redox probe with controller…

Redox probe with controller M 1322

Measuring range: from -2000 to +2000 mV

– Online Redox measurement
– PI regulation option
– Communication output (SELECAN) or galvanically separated current output
– IP 65 housing

General Info


Redox measurement is used in chemical industry, in swimming-pools, potable and waste water treatment and also in different kinds of industrial measurements.

Controlmatik probe M 1322 is designed for continuous measurement of Redox. With special versions of measuring electrodes it can also be used for measurement of other media.

The unit consists of :
Redox measuring electrode
Controller with graphic display

Electronics evaluates and amplifies the measured potential. PI regulator that independently controls a certain process, can be build in a probe. The probe can be equipped with the galvanic separated 4–20 mA signal on the amplifiers output. The user can easily communicate with a probe over graphic display and four function keys.
The probe guarantees accurate and continuous measurement.

Technical Data

General data:
Ambient temperature: -10…+50ºC
Relative humidity: 10…95 % non-condensating
Control unit protection: IP 65
Dimensions: 98 x 64 x 38
Weight: 0,2 kg

Redox measurement
Max. Measuring range (MR): from –2000 to +2000 mV
Measured value resolution: 1 mV
Deviation of indication, measured value: maximum 0,2% of M.R.
Redox input signal:
– Input resistance at nominal operating conditions > 1000 MOhm
– Current input at nominal operating conditions < 1 pA

Electrical data:
Power supply: 9 – 36 VDC,12 – 24 VAC±10%
Power: 2 W

Current output connector:
Modules: 2 (galvanic separated)
Isolation voltage: 500V
Current range: 4…20 mA
Power supply: 9…26 VDC
Output range: adjustable to (MR)
Output Mode options:
– Redox signal output
– Regulator output
Regulator connector:
Regulator 3 point switch or PI regulator
Outputs: 3 x 24 VAC / 250 mA
Inputs: 3 x 24 VAC
Mode options:
– Motor Control
– Pump Control

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