Oleo-Pneumatic Shockabsorber

Oleo-Pneumatic Shockabsorber

Oleo-Pneumatic Shockabsorber

Hidracar oleo-pneumatic shock absorbers / linear decelerators decelerate masses in reciprocating, linear, circular and other movements. They also work as shock absorbers of weights in free fall, as suspension of vehicles and wagons, for the tightening of chains, conveyor belts, rollers, etc…


Our new shock absorbers for tramways (AHN-4.3) have been verified through dynamic impact tests.

The tests consisted of the collision of two 30tn masses, each equipped with a shock absorber, at different speeds.

The shock absorber is capable of absorbing 22.5 KJ impact energy with a stroke of less than 150mm without exceeding the requirement for Maximum Allowable Force of 200 KN.

After verification and testing, HIDRACAR shock absorbers are available to our customers for its use as a recoverable shock absorber on tramways fronts.

Description & Performance

Their energy absorption ranges from 500 kpm to 30,000 kpm, with a deceleration stroke from 50 mm to 500 mm.

The impact head can be made either in steel or polyurethane.


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 Shock Absorbers

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