Load Measuring Cylinder

Load Measuring Cylinder

Load Measuring Cylinder (Hydrostatic Dynamometers)

HIDRACAR load measuring cylinder is a device to optimize the performance of our oleo-pneumatic suspension cylinders for agricultural tankers and trailers.

Description & Performance

When the data required for the calculation of the cylinder needed, which is always an approximation, is received from the customer, HIDRACAR, once the cylinder has been ordered, will lend, if so requested by the customer, the load measuring cylinder at no charge so it can be used to determine the exact load the suspension cylinder would have to work with. This way the future performance of the suspension cylinder can be optimized.

Once the measurements have been made, the customer can either return the load measuring cylinder or, if otherwise decided, keep and purchase it from HIDRACAR.


Layout Load Measuring Cylinder


Layout Load Measuring Cylinder




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