H-Drive Gas Boosters

H-Drive Gas Boosters

The future of gas booster technology – at the forefront of innovation.

H-Drive, Haskel’s new generation of hydraulically driven gas boosters, is designed to safely handle a wide range of critical, high-pressure gas compression and transfer needs, at high rates and pressures for the most demanding of applications.


Simple and proven design is reliable and robust, making it safe for continuous long-duration operation.

– Modular design makes it easily configurable for varying needs
– Designed with efficiency and serviceability in mind
– Available as unit or skid mounted form, offering flexibility for system engineers


Simple and proven design is reliable and robust, making it safe for continuous long-duration operation.

Choose Haskel to enable your high-pressure boosting application, from Hydrogen and CNG refueling to tube trailer supply and Helium blanketing.

– High pressure storage and transfer
– Auto & lift truck refueling
– Fuel Cell Research
– Pressure Testing
– Hydrogen filling stations
– Charging high-pressure gas cylinders and receivers
– Hydraulic accumulator charging
– Charging air bag storage vessels
– Missile and satellite launch and guidance systems
– Laser cutting and welding
– Hot isostatic pressing
– Gas assisted plastic injection molding

Models & Specifications

H-Drive-Models-and-Specs-scaled.jpgH-Drive - Models and Specs

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