Diaphragm Seals

Diaphragm Seals

Diaphragm seals

Prochem diaphragm seals (or gauge isolators) are designed to enable standard construction pressure gauges and switches to be used on process lines carrying corrosive chemicals or sludges which would otherwise corrode or clog the sensing instruments. They operate by hydraulically isolating the pressure gauge or switch from the process stream via a diaphragm or sleeve.

Chemical diaphragm seals

Chemical diaphragm seals are designed to handle essentially corrosive process fluids and are available in a wide range of engineering plastics and exotic metals to suit most applications. The seals screw directly on to the process line and are normally supplied complete with a range of pressure gauges or a pressure switch.

Annular sleeve seals

Annular sleeve seals are used primarily for handling slurries or sludges which would normally block or clog up small diameter gauge parts or pipes. They utilise a tubular sleeve which becomes part of the process pipeline as the separating diaphragm. The bodies are PVC or cast iron and a wide selection of sleeve elastomers is available to suit most applications.

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