Chemical Metering Pump PD…

Chemical Metering Pump PD Series

Introducing the new PD Series Chemical Metering Pump: designed specifically for industrial water treatment applications. Available in two models, Manual and Enhanced, the PD Series pump fits seamlessly into your water treatment process while adding convenience and value to your application.

The Manual model offers straightforward control without the need for tedious calculations. Its split-scale dial ensures precision, even at lower flow rates. The Enhanced model offers external control and a large graphical display to provide intuitive access to advanced features.


Manual Model:

  • Improved Drive Mechanism for more powerful stroke consistent steady state accuracy, and reliable efficiency
  • Universal Power Supply provides maximum flexibility
  • Simplified Capacity Setting with constant stroke range to maintain calibration across an adjustable range
  • Intelligent Drive Control electronics dynamically compensate for temperature and voltage conditions to provide consistent performance (patent pending)
  • Robust FASTPRIME™ Liquid Ends with over 10 years of proven performance

Enhanced Model:

  • Large Graphical Display allows easy navigation and configuration
  • External Control Inputs provide convenient remote access to automate your process
  • Calibration Assist provides an easy to use calibration process
  • System & User Totalizers acts as an odometer for your pump
  • STAYPRIME™ Degassing Technology automates the priming cycle


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