Bsp Charging Valve

Bsp Charging Valve

Bsp Charging Valve

Standard 1/4” BSP charging valves. Available with valve cores for either medium to high pressure (up to 140 bar) or very high pressure (up to 700 bar).

HIDRACAR product codes:

– 004-AI (with standard pressure valve core).
– 004-AI-MAP (with very high pressure valve core)..

Bsp Charging Valve

Mechanical Closure Charging Valve For High Pressure

A special valve for accumulators working under pressures higher than 700 bar or at a very high temperature.

HIDRACAR product code: 004-AI-AT/E

This is a coreless valve that keeps its air-tightness by rotating the head of the valve from a position in which its air path is open down into another in which it is fully closed (see photo below).


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