Bellows Pulsation Damper

Bellows Pulsation Damper

Bellows Pulsation Damper

Bellows type pulsation dampeners are those fitted with a PTFE or stainless steel bellows separator.

Description & Performance

The body of these dampeners is made in AISI 316L stainless steel as a standard; but is also made in plastic materials like PVC or PVDF, or in other special materials on request. Bellows type dampeners can also be made with the areas in contact with the liquid in PVC, PVDF or PTFE on request.

Bellows type dampeners are suitable for corrosive liquids, but only for low pressures.
The volume of this kind of dampeners range from 0.15 to 15 litres for the PTFE bellows ones and from 0.7 to 15 litres for the stainless steel bellows ones; and they are available with design pressures of up to 60 bar.

The stainless steel bellows dampeners are suited for working with liquids which PTFE can’t tolerate or with very high temperature liquids.

Apart from our standard design bellows type pulsation dampeners, we also manufacture different types of special design bellows dampeners on request.


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