Air-Driven Refrigerant Pumps

Air-Driven Refrigerant Pumps

High pressure refrigerant pump designed for safe, reliable handling of Liquid, Gas or a mixture of both.

Haskel refrigerant pumps are designed for recovery or recharge of fluids, whether they are liquid or gas. The pumps offer you plenty of leverage in terms of their operation. Not only can they condense a common refrigerant without the use of a condenser, but they also provide the flexibility to pump at speeds ranging from near zero to the maximum rate (lbs./minute), or anywhere in between.


Flexibility. No need for unloaders or bypass valves. Simply add gauges and hoses to suit your application.
Cool Operation. No heat generated during liquid transfer. Minor warming during vapor transfer.No refrigerant heating from the motor.
Safety. Pneumatically driven. Operates from an air hose like an air tool. No electrical hazard.
Portability. Each model is an integral pump with linear air motor assembly weighing from 13 lbs. (6kg) to 24 lbs. (11kg).
Clean. No lubrication required in the gas section. Nothing is added to the refrigerant, whether liquid or vapor.


Refrigerant Transfer, Recovery or Recharge

– Supercritical extraction
– Liquefied gas transfer
– Refrigerant Charging
– Refrigerant reclaim
– Vehicle Air Conditioning Charging
– Halon Reclaim
– Freon Reclaim
– SF6 Reclaim

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