• Bulk Tanker Off-loading and Up-Loading Facilities (i.e. As per SABS Specifications and
   OSH ACT Standards).

• Bulk Storage Tanks (i.e. Tank Farms).

• Transfer Pump Stations.

• Chemical Pipe lines (i.e. .All Material Selections: PVC, Polypropylene, PVDF, HDPE and
   Stainless Steel).

• Complete Dosing Systems.


• “Continuous” and “Proportional” Chemical Feed systems:

• “Batch” Transfer Chemical Feed Systems:

Using either chemical dosing pumps or chemical transfer pumps in combination with either open or closed loop control systems and instruments such as:

• Reed Switch Pulsed output Water Meters.

• Active or Passive Pulsed output flow instruments (i.e. for example Mag-flow meter)

• 4 to 20mA control signal from flow instruments or PLC / DCS systems.

• Batch Count controllers (i.e. either as function of flow Meter or PLC programmed or
   controller in Standalone control panel


Effluent Analysis and Plant Process Design:

• Plant Flow Rate calculations.

• Ph Correction Dosing Systems.

• Flocculent Make-up and Dosing.

• Settling Tanks and Clarifiers.

• De-sludgeing Systems – Filtration and Filter Press applications

Water Treatment:

Ph correction: Includes Make-up Plants for the Mixing and Dosing of:

• Lime.

• Soda Ash

• Caustic Flake or Liquid Caustic:

• Sulphuric Acid Dilution Plants.

• Chlorine Dosing Systems

• Small to moderate Chlorine Dioxide systems – On-line generation and dosing.

• Cooling Tower TDS and Biocide Dosing systems.

• Boiler TDS and Oxygen Scavenger Dosing Systems

C.I.P Dosing Systems

• Complete plant design for CLEAN IN PLACE SYSTEMS: (C.I.P)

• Bulk Holding Tanks and Chemical Offloading Station.

• Dosing Pump Stations.

• Plant Instrumentation – Level, Flow and Conductivity.

• Comprehensive integrated or stand alone control panels for:

• Pre-rinse cycle control

• Acid Make-up (i.e. Nitric, Phosphoric, etc.) and Wash cycle control

• Alkaline Make-up (i.e. Caustic, etc.) and Wash Cycle control

Sanitizer Make-up (i.e. Chlorine or Par-acetic Acids) and Wash cycle control

Dosing Skids:

Comprehensive dosing stations custom fabricated to the clients application – can include:

• Fully welded Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel assembly frames:

• Chemi...

Dosing Pump Cabinets:

Range of custom fabricated dosing pump cabinets for the LMI or G-series of Milton Roy Dosing pumps with the following options:

• Mild Steel Powder Coated Enclosure – Recommende...

Systems Automation and Integration:

• Autonomous – Standalone Electrical control panels: with PLC and MMI Facilities and Fieldbus connectivity.

• Slave – Remote Control panels: with Remote I/O Facilities.

• Hard wired – MCC and Relay logic control panels.

• Process and Analytical Instrumentation applications:

• Level.

• Flow.

• Pressure.

• Ph.

• Conductivity

Field Maintenance and Breakdown Repair Services:

Chemical Plant Maintenance and repairs to:

• Bulk Storage Tanks and Intermediate Holding Tanks

• Piping systems.

• Pipe Fittings (i.e. Valves, unions, etc.)

• Transfer Pumps and Dosing Pumps.

• Electrical Starter Panels,

• Electrical control panels.

Electrical Installation

• Certification of compliance  (COC) for Atex and EX zoned hazardous areas.