Primeroyal Series Metering Pump

Focus on the application of key chemicals in the application of reliable, versatile

Primeroyal series metering pumps combine powerful, field-proven technology with flexible design and chemical delivery accuracy so that these metering pumps are suitable for a wide range of industrial processes.

The variable eccentric drive of Primeroyal series metering pumps precisely controls pump delivery speed when meeting or exceeding the industry standard for steady-state accuracy and repeatability accuracy. Its design is efficient and achieves reliable performance in the smallest possible footprint.

The newly developed Primeroyal X-Series metering pump, designed to ensure 20,000psi (1,372bar) accuracy in the most demanding environments.


Built to API 675 standards, these pumps provide maximum performance in a minimal footprint.

Compact, variable eccentric drive. They feature a variable eccentric drive with a no-lost-motion design. This drive enables precise control of the pump delivery rate while meeting or exceeding industry standards for steady-state accuracy and repeatability.

Modular design. Milton Roy Primeroyal pumps are an integrated pump system that can be precisely configured for your application. There are five frame sizes with a wide flow rate and pressure range, a selection of packed plunger, PTFE and metallic diaphragm liquid end types, and the capability for multiplexing in any combination of frame sizes.


The Primeroyal are available in five frame sizes with a wide range of flow rates and pressures to precisely configure the pump for your application.


Primeroyal series pumps are ideal for critical processing industries.

Oil and Gas. Primeroyal pumps can be used in upstream, midstream and downstream sectors as well as produced water treatment. These pumps can be used for the injection of methanol, corrosion inhibitors, sodium hypochlorite, scale inhibitors, oxygen reducing agents, and many more.

Chemical and Petrochemical Processing. Dosing catalysts for polymerization of polyethylene is a prime use for the Primeroyal and Primeroy pumps.

Power Generation. High-pressure boiler feed water treatment is essential to operations and these pumps can assure accurate, efficient dosing of the necessary chemical agents.

Water / Wastewater Treatment:

Municipal (drinking) water treatment – disinfection, fluoridation, coagulation /flocculation, pH control, water conditioning before and / or after RO treatment in desalination plant, and more.

Industrial water treatment – protection of installed equipment such as boiler and hydraulic systems to prevent scale and corrosion.

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