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5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Pump

The information you need to know when looking to buy a pump can be broken down into fluid, flow, discharge, suction and options. In this blog you'll find questions you can ask yourself in order to gather this information, links that explain key concepts and definitions at the bottom of the page.

Fluid - What you are pumping (water, oil, slurry, etc.)

  • What is the specific gravity and viscosity of your fluid?
  • Are chemicals present? What are the names and concentrations?
  • Are there solids? What is the particle size, percentage of fluid that are solids, & are they smooth or sharp?
  • What is its temperature? (Ambient is 20°C)

Flow - The rate you want to transfer the fluid at.

  • Are you decanting, dosing or transferring?
  • Are chemicals present? What are the names and concentrations?

Discharge – The line from pump to discharge point.

  • What will the vertical and horizontal lengths be?
  • Have you taken friction loss into account? (Pipe type, viscosity, etc. affect this)
  • Are you dosing or transferring into a pressured pipe, if so what is the pressure? Or is it open free flow?

Suction – The line from source to pump.

  • What's the length of the suction line?
  • Will you need a self-priming pump?
  • Are you pumping from a dam/well or is it flooded suction

Options – Preferences and accessories.

  • Identify your preferred power source and check stability (240v, 415v, 50/60 Hz, mining/industrial, diesel, petrol, air, etc.)
  • Check to see if you'll require base plates, trollies for transportation, variable speed, etc.